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This page was created to collect pictures, videos, interviews, articles, lyrics, news and rumours

about Woven Hand. We´ve started where "Thank You For Clapping" has stopped in 2007 after
7 years of hard work.
This is unofficial !

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Woven Hand with Ultima Vez
Blush (DVD), My Russia

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Woven Hand´s Current Tour Dates:
(for official dates visits their myspace)

Woven Hand 2009:

30. April N- Bergen
01. May N- Oslo
02. May S- Göteborg
03. May S- Stockholm
05. May S- Lund
06. May NL- Amsterdam
07. May B- Brussels
08. May F- Tourcoing
10. May CH- Martigny
11. May F- Feyzin
13. May D- Karlsruhe
14. May F- Reims
15. May F-Angouleme
16. May E- Vittoria (Azkena Rock Festival)
17. May P- Leiria

29. May US- Denver/ Colorado

18. July NL- Rock Herk Festival (near Hasselt)
10. August I- Ravenna, Strade Blue Festival
15. August H- Sziget- Festival, Obudai Island

Slim Cessna´s Auto Club:

11.Apr.2009 D- Hannover
12.Apr.2009 D- Berlin
14.Apr.2009 D- Hamburg
15.Apr.2009 NL- Nijmegen
16.Apr.2009 NL- Amsterdam
17.Apr.2009 NL- Diksmuide
18.Apr.2009  NL- Middelburg
19.Apr.2009 D- Köln
21.Apr.2009 B- Brussels
22.Apr.2009 F- Paris
23.Apr.2009 CH- St Gallen
24.Apr.2009 CH- Winterthur
25.Apr.2009 A- Innsbruck
26.Apr.2009 A- Vienna
28.Apr.2009 D- Marburg
29.Apr.2009 D- Bielefeld
30.Apr.2009 NL- Deventer
01.Mai.2009 NL- Tilburg
02.Mai.2009 NL - Groningen


Previous Tour Dates:

06.March 2009 LUBBOCK, Texas
07.March 2009 DALLAS, Texas
08.March 2009 OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma
10.March 2009 LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas
11.March 2009 MEMPHIS, Tennessee
12.March 2009 BIRMINGHAM, Alabama
13.March 2009 ATHENS, Georgia
14.March 2009 ORLANDO, Florida
15.March 2009 TALLAHASSEE, Florida
17.March 2009 NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
18.March 2009 HOUSTON, Texas?
19.March 2009 sxsw day party! AUSTIN, Texas
20.March 2009 SXSW/Spiro’AUSTIN, Texas

13.Jan.2009  SLC, Utah
14.Jan.2009  MISSOULA, Montana
15.Jan.2009 Spokane, Washington
16.Jan.2009 Seattle, Washington
17.Jan.2009  Vancouver, British Columbia
18.Jan.2009  Portland, Oregon
20.Jan.2009   San Francisco, California
22.Jan.2009 L.A./Silverlake, California
23.Jan.2009  Tucson, Arizona
24.Jan.2009 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Woven Hand Autumn Europe Tour:
(13.11.- 14.12.)

13.11. D-Köln
14.11. NL-Nijmegen
15.11. DK- Cobenhagen
16.11. S-Malmo
18.11. D-Darmstadt
19.11. D- Bielefeld
20.11. D-Düsseldorf

21.11. NL-Enschede, Atak 
22.11. B-Kortrijk, Stadsschouwburg, Next Festival
23.11. F-Paris, La Maroquinerie
25.11. A-Salzburg, Rockhouse
26.11. CZ-Prag,  Archa Theatre
27.11. A-Wien, WUK
28.11. I-Milano
29.11. I- Ravenna
30.11. I- Padova
02.12. D- Dresden
03.12. D- Berlin
04.12. B-Leuven, Het Depot
05.12. NL- Utrecht
06.12. D- Geislingen
07.12. CH- Bern
09.12. CH- Lausanne
10.12. F-Toulon,   L’Omega Live
11.12. F-Bordeaux, Krakatoa
12.12. E- Barcelona
13.12. E- Madrid
14.12. E- Bilbao

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