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Interviews (print):

Article from Crossroads (2007) including a long interview. Translation by Magali, thank you!

Musique-Chroniques (Switzerland). Interview with DEE November 18, 2006, thanks Magali

Another Crossroads- Interview (2005), thanks Magali for translating from French!

Interviews (Audio)

Woven Hand special Mt. Scopus Radio 2007 (live songs and interview made by Omri and me)

DEE phone Interview EO- Xnoizz Radio 2007

DEE Special Mt. Scopus Radio 2006 (16HP, Woven Hand, Lilium, Munly, interview)

Interview 21.7.06 Café Glocksee (D) by Barbara Mürdter, Carsten Tomasch. Page is in german so I put the direct links below
themes: sound, Woven Hand and 16 Horsepower, heavy music, indian influences, religion, being on tour)

Interviews (internet):

Stereo Subvision (September 2008)

Special Downloads or Streamings:

podcast containing AT THE CLOSE OF EVERY DAY - September Grass (feat. David Eugene Edwards)

streaming:    (lot of Woven Hand songs)