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Woven Hand Special Mt. Scopus 11/2007

On 2007 August 3rd my friend Omri and me interviewed David Eugene Edwards in Hamburg/ Germany.
This 45 minute interview woven into beautiful live songs (except one) was boadcasted on Mt. Scopus Radio/ Jerusalem on November 1st You can listen to it here:

Musiachla - Woven Hand special part I of 2, 1.11.2007
Part one (out of two) of Woven Hand specials, including an interview with David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower) conducted in August 2007 before Woven Hands show in Hamburg, Germany. The interview was conducted by Ole (..) and Omri Grinberg, the show was technically edited Mr. Dave Hamn.

I'd like to thank: my wife, Dave Hamn for his help, Woven Hands management for their help and kindness, to Mr. Edwards for giving us his time (and his incredible music) and especially thank Ole for being a wonderful first time interviewer and companion.

In between the songs, detailed in the following playlist, is the interview.

part I:
1. Woven Hand – Consecration

2. Short introduction to the show
3. David Eugene Edwards – Blue Pail Fever (live, Odense, Denmark, June 2004)
4. Woven Hand – Into the Piano/Sparrow Falls (Salzburg, Austria, November 2006)
5. Woven Hand – Dirty Blue (Salzburg, Austria, November 2006)
6. Woven Hand – Outlaw Song (Malmo, Sweden, 2006)
7. 16 Horsepower – Strawfoot (Darmstadt, Germany, August 2002)
8. Woven Hand – Chest of Drawers (Malmo, 2006)
9. Woven Hand – Swedish Purse/Phyllis Ruth medley (Malmo)
10. Woven Hand – Your Russia (Salzburg)

part II

11.    Praying Arm Lane ("Banjo sessions")
12.    Whistling Girl (Acoustic version 2006, origins unknown)
13.    Down in Yon Forrest/Truly Golden (Oya Festival, Norway, August 2007)
14.    Wooden Brother (Brussels, 2003)
15.    Tin Finger (Norway 2007)
16.    Deerskin Doll (Acoustic version, unknown origin)
17.    Swedish Purse/Deerskin Doll (Norway 2007)
18.    Story and Pictures (live)
19.    Black Soul Choir (audio from the live 16 Horsepower DVD)
20.    Harms Way (Norway 2007)