Amiens, Maison De La Culture D’Amiens (Petit Theatre), 1st December 2007, review by Alex

The audience inAmiens was very different: There were young teenagers, some typically Theatre visitors and I saw one woman before the show as she was knitting a pullover! Anyway – the location was really very beautiful: A modern theatre with seats. So it was my very first seated Woven Hand experience. We find our stools in the seventh row in the middle. A perfect place, because so we had a wonderful overview of the stage. When the lights went out, Woven Hand entered the stage. David said “Hello” with a small gesture and then they started to play. After the tape intro of “Snake Bite” the show started with ”My Russia”. After some improvisations (“Down in yon Forest”) a powerful “Tin Finger” filled the theatre. David stood up again for a few seconds at the end of the song and after the last note was played, the teenagers shouted out and cheered very loudly! For a few moments I thought that they were at the wrong show, because Woven Hand is definitely NOT a boygroup ;-)
Anyway – it was really great fun to see and hear these girls crying. “Harm’s Way” was perfect as at the last two shows and then “Wooden Brother” was played instead of “Aeolian Harp (Under the World)”. What a big and beautiful surprise! Then Ordy worked on his drums for “The Speaking Hands” as always – powerful and very impressive! When David fetched the Banjola for “Whistling Girl” some people cheered loudly. More vocal improvisations before the magical “White Bird” were to come. After that, “Slota Prow” with some lines of “Horse Head Fiddle” followed. And the fantastic “Your Russia” with some more improvisations in the middle finished the first part. Needless to say that the teenagers cried and cheered again with full force during the encore break. David returned alone to play the beautiful “Swedish Purse/Phyllis Ann” – and the people began to clap rhythmically. Then Ordy, Peter and Pascal also returned and “Winter Shaker” shaked the theatre. By starting “American Wheeze” people went crazy and cheered again. “Deerskin Doll” and the amazing “Dirty Blue” were the last songs of the night.

I have to say that the sound at the Maison De La Culture D’Amiens was AMAZING! I wish that Woven Hand would play more locations like this.

The Setlist:

Snake Bite
My Russia
Improvisations (Down in yon Forest)
Tin Finger
Harm's Way
Wooden Brother
The Speaking Hands
Whistling Girl
White Bird
Slota Prow/Horse Head Fiddle
Your Russia
Swedish Purse/Phyllis Ann
Winter Shaker
American Wheeze
Deerskin Doll
Dirty Blue