Berlin (D) 13 August 2007  review by Ole

Driving to Berlin was faster as I´d thought, it only took 5 or 6 times "Sackcloth´n Ashes". So I arrived at the venue much too early at 17:00hrs.
After watching the guys bringing the stuff in the venue I went to eat something.
When I came back, the rehearsal started. I met Christel from the saloon and together we enjoyed five or six songs from inside.
At 20:00hrs the venue opened. It wasn´t too easy to get a place in the first row but we did it. Unfortunately I had to deposite my camera outside because the stuff considered it as professional (though it´s written in the manual that it´s just semiprofessional ;-) ). But I am sure I will get some pictures from other more lucky photographers. I hope they took all that many powerful and funny (!) moments of this show.
Round about 21:00h the venue was getting filled. It seemed nearly sold-out.Omri from the saloon was also there. The audiance was clapping a lot to fetch the guys on stage.
On 21:30hrs they opened with "Harm´s Way". Seems like the audiance wasn´t aware what kind of amazing opener this was, but maybe it´s just my impression. During "Tin Finger" I had to smile for the first time. David talked to us with his speaking hands to face, when the button on the bottom of his shirt (same as in Oslo) went open to show his bare belly. So he took one of his speaking hands to close it, but completed Tin fingers perfectly. Hard to handle the contrast between this song and that scene.
Don´t know why they´ve played "Dirty Blue" such early and before "Wooden Brother".
Their Berlin version of "White Bird" was very loud, heavy andpowerful, seemed to me much more than in Hamburg or Oslo. But it was too hard for the string of David´s guitar, it broke. So we enjoyed a whole part of the song without lead guitar, David just singing. Then he had removed the broken string and  got in again with four strings but so many power!
After this, he played us very long "Phyllis Ann- Swedish Purse" during Peter fixed his guitar.
Then he took back guitar with a loud "anyway!" and played very hard and heavy Deerskin Doll, Truly Golden and Speaking Hands- or rather: he started to play "Speaking Hands" but then ripped his string again. There was no way, the band had to stop. A short instant I´d thought David would destroy something but of course this is not his way. He gave orders tothe others to leave stage (and repair his guitar again). Then he took his Banjola and went to the uttermost edge of the stage (only two feet away from us) and started to play. The audiance was clapping so enthusiastically that he had to stop again because we were much too loud. Now it was his part to laugh and say "ssshh". He played a very beautiful "whistling girl" solo, for me a real highlight of this show.
The band entered stage again and David asked if they had stopped on "Tin Finger" but Pascal told him it was "Speaking Hands" and so he played it again, very aggressive but the strings sustained it. After "Winter Shaker" there was the encore break.
Back again, they played, "Down in Yon Forest", "Elktooth", "American Wheeze" and "Your Russia" (very extended).

It was a great show, the band was relaxed and they handled the mishaps humorously. David talked a lot, even a few german words.
The show was completely different from Hamburg, which was much more "serious" and electrifying. In Hamburg I felt nearly moved to tears, in Berlin I had to smile and laugh a lot. Slowly driving home half of the night through deepest fog (which I enjoyed very much) my conclusion was:
Woven Hand is a wide- ranging band.

Ole 2007

setlist: view pictures
real setlist:

Harm´s Way
Tin Finger
Dirty Blue
Wooden Brother
White Bird (first broken string)
Phyllis Ann- Swedish Purse
Deerskin Doll
Truly Golden
Speaking Hands half- (second broken string)
Whistling Girl (solo)
Down in Yon forest
American Wheeze
Your Russia