•  Gent (B), 24 May 2007 - Review posted by Bert: 

  • More than 4 years ago Woven Hand played at The Handelsbeurs in Ghent (B). Then the band also consisted of 4 musicians. Tonight, drummer Ordy Garrison and David Eugeen Edwards were the only ones left from that former quartet. The Belgian guitar player Peter Van Laerhoven and the old chum  Pascal Humbert are the new ones.    
    One should stress that Woven Hand has become a very powerful and honest rock band during the last 2 years. 6 months ago they played at the AB in Brussels. The ones present know Woven Hand is no longer interested in (although for the moment) soft, sweet melodies during their live performances. Contrary to concerts in the past the band rocked from the very first minute, without making sacrifices to the quality. The band kept the musicality of its songs upright. Tonight, in the beautiful, completely renovated and almost sold out Handelsbeurs in the centre of Gent, they hit the mark …
    Without any doubt this was the strongest and loudest concert they’ve ever played in Belgium so far!

    The concert started with some heavy live electric guitar tunes and the words ‘the Lord gives it, yes. The Lord He gives …!!’ came out of David’s cracking microphone. A few seconds later drummer Ordy evoked heavenly thunder. Just like the 2 last European tours ‘Winter Shaker’ was the opener. They who saw the band for the first time must have been overwhelmed by the phenomenal explosive start. One could believe The Lord truly had given it to the band! ‘How far was Heaven? .. definitely not far away!

    Remarkable were the new arrangements. ‘The Speaking Hands’, ‘Phyllis Ann’, ‘White Bird’ and ‘Your Russia’ were played differently than before. It’s very nice to see and hear the band always wants to try something new and do better. Just before the blaring version of ‘White Bird’ there was an a capella version of the divine song or maybe it’s a kind of self made prayer ‘Into The Piano’.
    Tin Finger was starded  with some ‘Horse Head Fiddle’ lyrics. For a moment my thoughts were wandering off and I remembered 16 Horsepower performing that lament of the Igil (a 2 string Tuvan instrument) during their 2002 European tour.  
    The tune ‘one for Peter, two for Paul, 3 for Him who made us all’ from phylis ann/Swedish Purse was new, just like the many other binding texts during this largely improvised song. Your russia was the usual final song.
    After that David did Wayfaring Stranger and Straw Foot solo. Finally the other musicians came on stage again to play Dirty Blue.

    It was a rather short (75 minutes), but very good and intense concert. Very moreish!


    Winter Shaker
    The Speaking Hands
    Truly Golden
    Deerskin Doll
    Whistling Girl
    Into The Piano
    White Bird
    Tin Finger
    Phyllis Ann/Swedish Purse
    Your Russia

    Wayfaring Stranger ( DEE solo )
    Strawfoot ( DEE solo )
    Dirty Blue