Hamburg (D) 03 August 2007  review by Ole

On August 3rd 2007 I had no special things to do. Just to make an interview with Mr. David Eugene Edwards and to see the opening show of the Woven Hand summer tour. So I awaked extremely nervous and insanely excited. I was really concerned about my bad Pidgin- English and I didn´t knew Omri, the other guy who had invited me to do the interview.

 I met Omri at the Bus Station and was really glad that he´s such a precious guy. We went near to the venue to prepair our interview. The tour bus was already there. The guy on the other side of the traffic light who crossed the street was David with very cool sunglasses. We also ´ve met Pascal, Peter and Ordy doing some shopping and just strolling around. I always enjoy to see these guys walking through MY streets - normally they are present just in my headphones. 

Then it was 15:00hrs and a little shyly we entered the venue to look for David. Inside the Fabrik we met Peter and Pascal drinking beer and playing soccer in front of the stage. We´ve heard some strange sounds from backstage, then David appeared with a toy flute (for children, this one with a rolling paper) making funny noises. He came to us and then I had my one and only black out. I think he presented himself but I can´t remember exactly, I just realized the we shook hands without me finding another word than „Hello“. He asked us where we wanted to go but we decided to make it just right there in the audience hall of the Fabrik to save time (though Peter and Pascal had to stop playing soccer).

About the interview I am bounded not to reveal anything until it will be broadcasted (appr. middle of september), I will keep you informed here and in the saloon). Just this: if you wanna listen a 45 minutes- interview containing surprising answers about Woven Hand and 16 Horsepower, about religion, plans, politics and much more, don´t miss it! (I am the guy stammering a very german sounding english). And this: everything went well!

After this Omri and me walked to my home to relax (I was able to eat for the first time on that day). We entered very early to get a good place. The first row was nearly complete occupied very early. 
Then the band entered the stage, David took his bandoneon and opened with Harms Way !! I was not the only one who was almost moved to tears. It was such a joy to listen again to a 16 Horsepower song played in 16 HPs way. I´d never ever thought that my ears would listen to 16 HP again.
The setlist was completely different from former tours. That´s consistent because Woven Hand already has been to Hamburg in last July to play songs from Mosaic. Second song was „Tin Fingers“, one of my favorite live songs (and it should be the favorite songs of all photografers).

Here´s the complete setlist: 

Harms Way
Tin Fingers
Wooden Brother
White Bird
Whistling Girl (with Banjola [not bandana as I wrote first])
Deerskin Doll
Truly Golden
Speaking Hands
Winter Shaker
Dirty Blue
American Wheeze
Your Russia

 They´ve played most of the songs in a very hard and aggressive way, it was a pleasure! The Fabrik was only half sold-out but the audience was excellent -at least 4 saloon members ;-) The crowd went completely mad when they´ve played „American Wheeze“.
For me it was one of the best shows I´ve ever seen. Even if they hadn´t played the 16 HP- bandoneon songs.

Seems like Woven Hand were suprised that they were forced to play a second encore. After this they came back to sign CDs (without David as far as I know but I havn´t been there until the end). Pascal told me that he deeply enjoyed to play 16 HP- Songs because "we grew up with them". "We, too", I answered.
It has been my greatest Woven Hand- day ever. I am still not completely „cured“ by this and still full of undigested impressions and shivers running down my spine.

Although it´s not easy for me, I will go to Berlin next Monday!!! Hope to see you there ;-)

 Ole 2007