Paris, Divan Du Monde, 29th November 2007, review by Alex

As we arrived at the Divan Du Monde I was really surprised, because there was a very long queue in front of the location. Remember -  the last concert at this place was a little desaster: David left the stage because of the huge sound problems. I was told that this was the only time that David abort a show and left the stage. By queuing I met Cédric and Magali – it was great to meet fans in real life finally.

After passing the entrance we took some beers (thanks Magali for the first one!) and wait that the show began. Before the support act The Good Life began, a screen hid the stage on which some videoclips were shown. In the meantime the location get crowded and finally The Good Life started to play.

After the support the screen was rolled out again and some music videoclips were shown. In one of them Woven Hand was featured – it was from the last show at the Divan Du Monde. Then the light went out and Woven Hand started the show. It was obviously that the sound problems of the last show should not happen again: David was really very concentrated and checked with some improvisations if everything is alright and that there are no feedbacks or other noisy and disturbing things. After the Intro of “Snake Bite” they began the evening with “My Russia”. After that an explosive “Tin Finger” was followed (David stood up for a few seconds!) and when David get the bandoneon for “Harm’s Way” people began to cheer and so the very first highlight was played. With “Aeolian Harp (Under the World)” a quieter song was on the setlist before Ordy rocked his drums with the fantastic “The Speaking Hands”. The beauty “Whistling Girl” was next and then “White Bird” (some vocal improvisations, like “Horse Head Fiddle” and “To make a Ring” from David before starting the song) captivated the crowd. “Slota Prow”, also with some various improvisations enriched, was more or less the intro to the amazing “Your Russia”. At the end Peter and Pascal put away their instruments BUT David and Ordy played on – so after a few seconds Peter and Pascal looked at each other, fetched their instruments quickly and an outstanding end of “My Russia” was born. This was the finish of the first part. After that they came back for an perfect encore-set: The powerful “Winter Shaker” rocked the Divan Du Monde and then David fetched the bandoneon again: With the first notes of “American Wheeze” the crowd went crazy! After “Deerskin Doll” and “Dirty Blue” (some people sang some lyrics) the show ended.

Between the songs David did always a little improvisation and sang some new and well known lines – like “To make a Ring”, for example. The sound was not that loud which was really okay, because the people were amazing quiet during the songs and you could hear ANY word, that David sang. The audience was really PERFECT. No speaking or annoying noises between the whole concert – I wish, it could always be like this!!!

The setlist:

Snake Bite
My Russia
Tin Finger
Harm's Way
Aeolian Harp (Under the World)
The Speaking Hands with some Improvisations
Whistling Girl
Improvisations (Horse Head Fiddle/To make a Ring)
White Bird
Slota Prow with some Improvisations
Your Russia
Winter Shaker
American Wheeze
Deerskin Doll
Dirty Blue

Alex 2007