•  Prague (CZ), 02 June 2007 - Review posted by Alex: 

  • Well, after the Vienna-show we take a day off before heading to Prague. This city is unbelievable beautiful, BUT there are a LOT of tourists. Anyway – if you've got the chance to get to Prague – just do it! After some sightseeing we went back to the hotel, which was near to the location "Akropolis".

    This one is really very nice – it's an old cinema with balcony, which was closed, unfortunately. The support was called "Please the Trees" – a band from Prague. The hall was also very well attended. Then I get almost in the same position as in Vienna – only on row further.

    Then the boys entered the stage. It was obviously, that David was in an excellent mood and he showed the people from Prague one of his best performances: Very HARD and HEAVY and David sweat, spitted and preached with an unbelievable intensity. Between the songs, when he changed the guitars, he was always talking and laughing with Ordy. The setlist was exactly the same as in Vienna – only these improvisations were a little bit different. So David sang some new lines in "Phyllis Ruth"/"Swedish Purse". In "Tin Finger" David was shaking his head wild for approximately ten seconds and you could see how his sweat was flying around. The girl next to me stopped her ears because of the loudness – David saw her in the eyes, knit his eyebrows and played more harder.

    After the concert Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek from Ultima Vez get on the stage and disappeared with Ordy backstage. We went outside and ate something in the restaurant where the band also took their meal on a separated table. After we finished we went over to the band and shook hands. It seemed that they were really lucky to see us again – David smiled, Peter, Pascal and Ordy were also in a very good and relaxed mood. Then we headed back to the hotel and the next day we continued our sightseeing-tour in Prague.