Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Trianon, 30th November 2007, review by Alex

This one confirmed my opinion of concerts which take place in very small cities or villages: Most of them are one of the best – and also this INCREDIBLE show at the Trianon!

After a two hour car drive we arrived Sotteville-lès Rouen. Therefore it was a Ultima Vez festival, Woven Hand began their show at 10 p.m. We checked our positions in front of David and then 90 minutes of UNBELIEVABLE INTENSITY started:

“Snake Bite” from the tape was the intro before “My Russia” was played. And then the evening started in an incredible HEAVY and HARD direction. It seems that David loosed sometimes his control and rocked like an animal. During “Tin Finger” David leaned back on his stool and spitted in the air and simply went mad. “Harm’s Way” rocked like a beast and with “Aeolian Harp (Under the World)” David gave himself a little time to get calmer for a moment at least. This time the intro was longer played and it reminded me on the Nick Cave classic “Stranger than Kindness”. “The Speaking Hands” were AWESOME as always (still one of my favourite live songs!) and after that, David played “a new song”: He made another vocal improvisation and sang some lines of “Consecration”! What a beautiful moment! Then the wonderful “Whistling Girl” followed. “White Bird” with a lot of improvisations was simply OUTSTANDING and before starting the next tune David turned to Ordy and said in a deep and dark voice: “Slota Prow” – and Ordy get the order and counted in: “One, Two, Three, Four!” Also full with different improvisations (some lines of “To make a Ring” at the beginning) the POWERFUL “Your Russia” followed and left the audience sweating and clapping for more. Then David returned alone for “Swedish Purse/Phyllis Ann”. Then with “Winter Shaker” Woven Hand gave the audience exactly what they want: AN OVERDOSE OF HEAVY AND ROCKIN’ WOVEN HAND – it was incredible! David thanked Wim and Ultima Vez for the inviting and then the next highlight came with “American Wheeze” – the crowd went simply crazy and sing along some lines like “And if I die, by your hand, I’ve gotta home in glory land!”. Just typing this I’m remembering the situation and it just send shivers down my spine. “Deerskin Döll” (as stated on the setlist) and “Dirty Blue” not finished only the show – these two songs improved, why Woven Hand are one of the best live bands. Pascal forget himself like David for a few seconds and kneed down while playing – now everybody in the location recognised that some magic happened at the “Trianon”.

The setlist:

Snake Bite
My Russia
Horse Head Fiddle/Tin Finger
Harm's Way
Aeolian Harp (Under the World)
The Speaking Hands
Improvisations (Consecration)
Whistling Girl
White Bird
Slota Prow/Down in yon Forest
To make a Ring/Your Russia
Swedish Purse/Phyllis Ann
Winter Shaker
American Wheeze
Deerskin Doll
Dirty Blue

Alex 2007