•  Vienna (A), 31 May 2007 - Review posted by Alex: 

  • Before the show we met Ordy in front of the location and we talked a little bit. After a few minutes Peter and David get off the tourbus and passed by saying "Hello". In the location we drank a beer and I met some guys from Hungary – it was very nice to meet  Csilla again.
    Then I decided to go into the hall to get me a good place. It was well attended, but not sold out. I was standing in the third row in front of David and Peter. A very good position to take some photos. Then the show began with "Winter Shaker". And yes, it was loud and heavy – some friends "warned" me in advance. "Speaking Hands" followed – one of my favourite songs in the live-set, because of Ordy's unbelievable drumming. After that "Elktooth", "Truly Golden" and "Deerskin Doll" were played. For "Whistling Girl" David fetches his Banjola. After that he sang a cappella some lines from "Into the Piano" by following the wonderful "White Bird". These improvisations held on in "Tin Finger" – before that, David sang some lines from "Down in yon Forest" and to the tune of "Phyllis Ann" he improved "Swedish Purse" – it was amazing! With a heavy "Your Russia" the first setlist was closed. After a short encore-break David returns with a cigarette and played "Black Soul Choir" solo. After that Pascal, Peter and Ordy came on stage and the band gave us an
    unbelievable version of "Dirty Blue". Then the show was unfortunately over – they played "only" approximately 75 minutes – not that long.
    During the concert the show was partly projected on the wall behind Ordy. Also some photos and the covers of "Consider the Birds" and "Mosaic". An Austrian TV-crew was filming the first 45 minutes of the concert and on the same day they broadcasted a two minutes clip including an interview at midnight. After the concert we were sitting in the garden of the location and drank some beers. Ordy and Peter joined our table and we talked about the upcoming Woven-Hand-plans.
    Then suddenly David stand next to me and I invited him to take a seat. He friendly denied my invitation: "You know, I've been sitting the whole show", answered David. I take the chance to give him some covers to sign – including the very first 16-Horsepower-single "Shametown": "Oh, you've got this one too", David said a little bit surprised. After a friendly handshake we said good bye to Ordy and Peter. Before we leave we met Pascal in the bar of the location. We made a little small talk and after a "See you again in Prague" we went home.