Dranouter Folk Festival (two Shows)

02. August 2008: Woven Hand
03. August 2008: D.E.E. feat. Erwin Verstappen 
thanks Sven and Carl for pictures, reviews and setlists

Interview (taken in Dranouter)

02. August 2008:
Woven Hand

Tin Finger
Whistling Girl

Beautiful Axe
Speaking Hands
Kingdom of Ice
Dirty Blue
Iron Feather
Winter Shaker
Truly Golden
Deerskin Doll
You Russia

woven hand dranouter

woven hand dranouter

A short personal impression of Woven Hand at the Dranouter Folkfestival 02/08/2008

 Kicking off with “Into the piano” Woven Hand played a moderate show on the main stage. They performed a well balanced selection of loud and heavy songs followed by more quiet ones. No less no more. The overall sound could be better as Peter’s guitar was mixed too deep into the total sound by the sound engineer. This resulted in losing certain melodies of the songs played.

Afterwards in a conversation with Pascal he expressed to me they had preferred to be scheduled to perform later in the evening instead of at 17:30H. To show their music to full advantage they would have liked it more to play on a smaller stage, in a more intimate and smaller tent.   

Along with tree new songs from the upcoming “Ten Stones” album the majority of the songs on the setlist came from the Mosiac album. From the three new songs been played Kingdom of Ice and especially Iron Feather personally appeals to me the most.

Comparing the new songs with the “older” ones you definitely hear an evolution, a different approach of composing, a different sound and a different way of playing. 

Another positive fact that struck me compared to the Woven Hand performances during the 2007 tour is that they changed to a lower gear and the songs are performed at a lower tempo and more into control. We have to admit that in the past Woven Hand often played their songs so loud, fast and heavy it became a mess.

To experience one band after another on a festival makes it easy to notice some major differences between bands. For instance while other bands entertain their public and seeking contact with them David is totally into his “conversation with god” while performing. Having almost no contact with the audience, playing for himself and god only. It’s a totally different atmosphere and emotion and it makes it clear that David is on a mission and definitely not here to entertain people.

Out of gratitude for their performance each artist at the festival received a bouquet of flowers at the end of their concert. When the last notes of “Your Russia” had faded away David was the only artist that not kept the flowers for him self but threw them into the audience. His way for saying thank you for clapping and being here.     


woven hand dranouter

03. August 2008:
D.E.E. feat. Erwin Verstappen 

A short personal impression of D.E.E. feat Erwin Verstappen at the Dranouter Folkfestival 03/08/2008
(Text and pictures by Sven)

Beforehand little information was known or written about this performance.
What could we expect…?
The official program announced David Eugene Edwards feat. Erwin Verstappen.
Telling us that David put together a special performance with the collaboration of Belgian photographer Erwin Verstappen. E. Verstappen in the past did some promotional photography for 16HP and Woven Hand.

While outside the sky became darkened grey and threatening big rain clouds started to form David was setting up his instruments and equipment on stage in a small circus like tent. Meanwhile Pascal was running the merchandise later joined by Ordy and Peter.
I took the opportunity to go and say hello, have a little chat and bought the much talk about new green T-shirt.
As Pascal was saying to me the idea was to design the ultimate non rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt. Exactly what we might expect from a band as Woven Hand isn’t it?
As far as I’m concerned it symbolizes their soberness and non star attitude, not to be part of the whole R‘n’R circus, and the less expected …Woven Hand do have a sense for humor ;-)
At 20:00H/8PM sharp lights got dimmed and DEE appeared out of the dark and got seated onto his stool to start picking the opening song on his Pollmann banjo, Sixteen Horsepower’s Phyllis Ann/Phyllis Ruth.
At the same moment a projection started to roll behind David forming the letters W O V E N  H A N D. Immediately after the first notes where played on his banjo a special tension and atmosphere fill the venue not to leave before the last song was played.
It made it clear to me. A memorable concert was going to take place.
For each song Erwin Verstappen made a projection of images in sepia, green and yellow tones. Images played in slow motion. Images of butterflies, owls, peacocks, dancers projected in rapid succession and played in loop to give the impression of movement.
The setlist consisted of three 16HP songs: “Strawfoot”, “Horse Head Fiddle” with parts of the lyrics from “To make a ring” sang a capella on top of a sound loop and “Outlaw song”. I don’t have to tell you how great it felt to hear those songs played live again.
Among songs from all three previous albums, three new songs where presented: Beautiful Axe, Kingdom of Ice and Iron Feather.

Without any exception all songs where played intense and with lot’s of emotion.
Every song played pure and acoustic, every word to the songs clear as crystal, to see the hand gestures, the foot stomps on to the wooden stage floor to emphasize some words, the feet lifted up … wiggling around, head rapidly twisted left to right…it moves your heart, head, skin and eyes.   

I never before saw David to be that much into “His world”. The audience almost too afraid to breath to avoid making noise emotionally touched and moved by the music.
My girlfriend who for the first time saw Woven Hand / D.E.E. perform live was stunned and told me afterwards: "This man is carrying all the pain and disaster of the world on his shoulder".

Halfway the concert heavily rain started to come down from the sky. At a certain moment the tent canvas couldn't carry off the large amount of water. This caused the tent to leak water on to the stage and David prompt started to catch the dripping water into his mouth.

Although the audience find his move quiet amusing David stayed totally turned into himself ... his Indian land...without showing the smallest grin.
The show closed with David playing Deerskin Doll. Thanked the audience and Erwin and once again threw his offered flowers into the public.
Guess who was fortunate to catch them…


setlist by Sven:
Phyllis Ann-Phyllis Ruth (16 HP)
Iron Feather
Beautiful Axe
Kingdom of Ice
Strawfoot (16hp)
Horse Head Fiddle
To make a Ring a capella (16 HP+WH)
Kingdom of Ice
Outlaw Song (16 HP)
Wooden Brother
Whisteling Girl
Chest of Drawers
Deerskin Doll