Woven Hand in Düsseldorf (D), 20. November 2008
thanks Antje and Michael for the pics and Sandy for the setlist
thanks Sven

Kicking Bird

Down in yon Forrest- Tin Finger

Whistling Girl

Speaking Hands

Dirty Blue

Setlist (by Sandy):

1. kicking bird
2. beautiful axe
3. speaking hands
4. intro/ improvisiations
5. consecration
6. splinters
7. improvisations/ two verses of down in yon forest
8. tin finger
9. whistling girl
10.dirty blue
12.kingdom of ice
13.not one stone
14.horse-head-fiddle-medley (lyrics of swedish purse, down in yon forest, slota prow and others)
15.winter shaker
16. as i went out one morning (duo)
17. your russia