Woven Hand in Kortrijk (B), 22. November 2008
thanks Patrick and Alex

Whistling Girl live in Kortrijk

American Wheeze live in Kortrijk

Review by Alex:

Woven Hand (Kortrijk, Stadsschouwburg, 22.11.2008)

As we arrived in Kortrijk we were very curioius about the fact, that Woven Hand will play the so called „Next Festival“. We hit the city approximately at 6 o’clock and then we were looking for the location called Stadsschouwburg, which is a beautiful building. In a café beside we drank some beers and by reading some flyers there we finally  recognised, that the “Next Festival” is an international arts festival which was running from 21st November until 13th December 2008.

As we entered the building at 9 o’clock we were heading to the hall, which is a modern and beautiful theatre with seats. So we found us in the first row in front of David and we were impatiently waiting for our very first “Ten Stones” live experience.

The light went out at 10 o’clock and David (with his bandana again) entered with Ordy the stage to open the show with the Bob Dylan cover “As I went out one Morning” which featured some vocal improvisations. Then the first song of the new record was played – a powerful “Kicking Bird” hit me with full force – Ordy’s heavy drumming, the drowning in the background and Pascal’s bass playing kicked ass. And David rocked like always and shaked his head and feet wildly! After that it was obvious that this place is perfect – the sound was crystal clear and the seats very comfortable. Unfortunately the stage was a little bit far away and the light was very dark, so you have to need some flashlight to take good pictures. “The Beautiful Axe” followed – a new song, which was already played at the last tour in summer. Very powerful, impressive and intense again! After that, David said “Thank you”, made some vocal improvisations before Ordy played the first notes of “The Speaking Hands”. As you all already know, this is live still a real killer and rocks like a beast. And not only me was headbanging – a lot of others banged and so some people might thought, that this is a Heavy Metal concert. “Just like the lightening from out of the sky, all men will see Him, and all men will cry” was the vocal improvisations in the song, before the last two minutes with full power filled the theatre. What a performance, I was thinking after this song. Then a very big surprise came next: Another vocal improvisations lead into “Splinters” from the fantastic 16 Horsepower album “Secret South”. When they played this one, pictures from the amazing black and white video came into my mind. This one gave me the creeps again. Then David showed us some vocal improvisations and Ordy played his typically intro for “Tin Finger” which David followed by knocking rhythmically on his guitar. Also known as a wild live song it was very heavy performed and so it was time for more headbanging. David played with full force and so it was no surprise that one string broke during his performance. The roadie came to fetch his guitar and David grabbed the microphone with both hands and shouted “The love of Him is law” into the hall. The crowd went nuts and cheered loudly after this wonderful song. The amazing “Whistling Girl” followed and during this song Peter was putting a new string on David’s guitar and also played some riffs on it. Suddenly the sound engineer came to me and said: “Please don’t use flashlight when you take pictures”. “Oh, okay, I answered” and he patted on my shoulder and headed back to his mixing console. “Thanks for coming on such a nasty evening” (the weather was really not fine – it was cold and still snowing outside), David said while fetching his guitar. “That’s a new string, that’s gonna be trouble”, David joked while tuning his guitar. Then a loud twang sounded and David said “See what I mean”. The crowd laughed and “Dirty Blue” followed. With “Cohawkin Road” another new song was on the setlist. Especially the line “Yet in the mirror of the knife, I see only me” gives me the creeps at any time I hear it. The next surprise followed with some lines of “Consecration” in which David showed us again, that his voice is getting better and better. Peter lead then into the amazing “Horsetail”. When David sang “by the wave of the horsetail” he moved his left arm like a swinging horsetail. And by singing “there is number to your hours” twice he raised his left arm again and looked first on his watch and then to the crowd. And when David sang “You cannot reach Him, no not from your tallest spire” at the end of the song, he laid back and made circles with his right hand above his head by repeating the word “spire” over and over again. The live performance of “Kingdom of Ice” was not really new to us, because we heard this one also at the last summer tour. But the vocal improvisations before the begin was amazing again in which David hid some parts of his face with his right hand. After that, some other vocal improvisations and drownings lead into my personal favorite of “Ten Stones”. David turned to Ordy and then they started “Not one Stone”. Very powerful and Ordy’s unbelievable drumming gave me the creeps over and over again. Drowning, vocal improvisations and atmospheric sounding was the begin of the 16 Horsepower song “Horse Head Fiddle”, in which Peter, Pascal, Ordy and David created an unique atmosphere. With the next song the regular set was finished: After more vocal improvisations Ordy opened in his typical style the wonderful “Winter Shaker”. After the line “it is the storm that brought me in” the band created a real thunderstorm sound on their instruments. “Thank you very much” from David, some waves from Pascal, Peter and Ordy and so the band left the stage. During the encore break some Indian chants were played from a tape. After returning on the stage “Deerskin Doll” was next. Especially the last two minutes were amazing heavy played. And as David stood up to fetch his bandoneon the crowd cheered loudly. And with the first notes of “American Wheeze” everybody was shouting and crying. The atmosphere was just unbelievable during this song. A “Thank you very much” followed again and it seemed, that the show was over. But the crowd continued to cheer and applaud. I was seeing Ordy watching behind the curtain beside the stage and then Woven Hand returned once more. David was joking with Ordy and made some grimaces: He held his hands under his eyes and winked with his fingers to Ordy. Then the roadie plugged David’s guitar and the band gave us an intense and heavy finish with “Your Russia”. Everybody went nuts during this song and also Pascal was completely in the music and suddenly he was kneeling next to David for a few seconds. “Just like the lightening from out of the sky, all men will see Him, and all men will cry” was sang during a break again and then the band rocked with full force until the end. “Thank you VERY much, VERY much” were the last words from David before the band disappeared finally.

After the concert we were waiting outside the theatre and so I met Bert from Belgium again. The last time we saw each other was in Bonn at the Harmonie in October 2005. Approximately 30 minutes later we entered the hall again to meet the band. David was signing some covers and talked to some fans, while we said “Hello” to Peter, Ordy and Pascal and thanked for this wonderful show. We left by saying “See you tomorrow in Paris again”.

This concert was simply amazing. The sound crystal clear, the band in an excellent mood and the crowd was really awesome! So it was really perfect! And if you have got the chance to see a concert in this beautiful theatre – please do it! Especially the acoustic is outstanding. (Melomane)