Woven Hand in Salzburg (A), 25. November 2008
thanks Ulli and Alex

Review by Alex:

Woven Hand (Salzburg, Rockhouse, 25.11.2008)

After our return from Paris on the 24th November we had some time to rest before we were driving to Salzburg for the next “Ten Stones” live experience. This time a different support act was opening for Woven Hand: Birch Book, a project from a musician named Bobin Eirth (you can call him B’eirth or B’ee), who is also the front man of his other band In Gowan Ring. David is a big fan of this group for years, I guess, and so I was very curious about to see this man live on stage for the first time. But to be honest: My first thoughts were, that this could be a little bit boring, because his music is a very light and gentle form of Folk. So I really didn’t expected too much.

By fetching my card for the show I asked how many tickets were sold in advance. The answer was a little bit surprising for me, because 120 are not that much in my opinion. Anyway – I thought, that a lot of people will buy their tickets just before the show, and this was the case, because the hall called “Rockhouse” was nearly full before Woven Hand started. I must admit that this concert was really special for me, because it was the first time that I attended a rock show with one of my nephews, who has begun to study in Salzburg. And I was very curious about his comments after the concert.

Before the show we sat in the “Rockhouse Bar” and drank some beers. There I met Ulli from Nuremberg again. Then one of us went into the hall to see Birch Book, which was at that night a three piece: B’eirth sang and played guitar and harmonica, one guitar player and one on the Bodhrán. So the rest of us finished our beers and followed to see this band. What can I say? It was simply magic! This voice is an unbelievable beauty and this sweet and soft arrangements were amazing! Especially the last song of the setlist caught me completely. After Birch Book finished their set, I asked the guitar player about the name of this tune. So he gave me his setlist and said to me: “The Trip goes on”. Then I rushed to the merchandising and bought me one CD with this beauty on it and a shirt. Now I became a fan of Birch Book!

An announcement was hanging next to the hall entry saying, that taking picture is only allowed during the first three songs. And without flashlights again, of course. So I headed to the front row again just in front of David. The lights went out and Woven Hand entered the stage of the “Rockhouse” in Salzburg. “Kicking Bird” improved what I thought about this concert: The day off before was very good for the band and so they sounded wonderful fresh and heavy! And it was obvious that they enjoyed their playing from the beginning until the end. As I was only taken pictures during the first three songs, I am not exactly sure about the setlist anymore. But for 98 % I would say, that it was the same as in Kortrijk. And the performance was also on an unbelievable level: Hard, heavy and fresh too! In my opinion it was a little bit better than in Kortrijk, because of the more rocking sounding. David was completely in the music and shaked his body especially during the louder songs (“Kicking Bird”, “The Speaking Hands” and “Tin Finger”). When they played an awesome hard version of “Winter Shaker”, one string broke on David’s guitar. Another proof for his wild and heavy performance on this night. And if I’m not completely wrong, the encore was “As I went out one Morning”, “Deerskin Doll”, “American Wheeze” and “Your Russia”. I’m not quite sure about “Deerskin Doll”, but I do think they played it.

As I said before, this show was really awesome and one of the best Woven Hand experience, I’ve seen so far. Heavy, rocking and very fresh sounding – so it was perfect for my nephew to getting in Woven Hand. After the concert he only said one word with shining eyes: “Amazing!”. Woven Hand headed for the next show directly to Prague and we had one day off before we were going to see them again in Vienna. (Melomane)