Woven Hand in Vienna (A), 27. November 2008
thanks to Margit and Manfred, thanks Alex!

As I went out one morning

Tin Finger

Whistling Girl

Horse Head Fiddle

American Wheeze

Review by Alex:


Woven Hand (Vienna, WUK, 27.11.2008)

It was the first time that I attended a concert in the Vienna location named „WUK“. Woven Hand never played there before, but 16 Horsepower – they had their second appearance in Austrian here back in the year 2000 (17th March). Unfortunately I was not able to catch this show – a big mistake as I know now.


When the doors opened I was able to get the best place – but what did I see? A barrier was installed in front of the stage like they do this at big open air festivals or other big halls. “What the hell?”, I thought to myself, because the WUK is a small venue for approximately 500 people, I guess. And it’s Woven Hand, not Metallica or any other big name. Anyway – the positive thing about the barrier was, that I could hang up my bag and pullover.


This time I wanted to see the whole Birch Book show – and it was amazing again. This time B’ee played barefoot. The setlist was almost the same as in Salzburg, two days before, but nevertheless very impressive. The songs were: “Backwards”, “Zephyr through Willows”, “Diaspora”, “Empty Corner of the Page”, “How the Hours”, “Along Straggling”, “Mornings Waking”, “Young Souls”, “Wisps of the Wind” and finally once more “The Trip goes on”. And it was magical again – this voice and the arrangements – well, just beautiful! Apart from a very noisy and sometimes rude crowd, the show was brilliant. And I had my doubts if the people will be more quiet when Woven Hand will play.


“Kicking Bird” opened the show with full force. A perfect “The Beautiful Axe” was next before Ordy begun with the intro to “The Speaking Hands” which David supplied with some vocal improvisations “Just like the lightening, from out of the sky, all men will see Him. And all men will cry”. Then the well known riffs followed and an amazing version gave me the creeps again. When David played the intro of “Splinters” the loud crowd became more noisy but it seems that they concentrate more on the music than their stupid talking, which was extremely annoying. But unfortunately this was not the case.

Some lines from “Slota Prow” lead into a heavy and loud version of the live killer “Tin Finger”. Especially during this performance I really loved the heavier and louder songs, because this was the only way not to bear the speaking audience. And especially Ordy showed the crowd, how powerful a drummer is able to play. So he and David fought a beautiful duel. After that, suddenly Pascal, Ordy and Peter left the stage while  David fetched his banjola for his solo performance of “Whistling Girl”. It was really amazing to hear this version again and David finished it with a smart “Thank you”. “Cohawkin Road” followed but I really couldn’t enjoy this song, because of the stupid audience. People were still talking during the songs – I never have seen such a rude and disrespect behaviour in front of a wonderful band like Woven Hand. After the song I shook my head unbelievingly again. “Horsetail” was next in which David gave us some gestures and vocal improvisations (“He is looking for gold”) again. Then something happened which changed the mood completely: After David was fetching his Banjola the hall lights went suddenly on! First, he didn’t care about and played the intro of “Kingdom of Ice” but as the lights were still on he stopped. Someone shouted “Amazing light show” and then the lights went out again and David began again to play on his banjola. During this song he pawed with his right feet on the stage while singing the line “In fierceness and rage,
he paws at the ground” and then he sang “Lay hand to mouth, spoken twice and shut your mouth!” – after that David kicked his microphone (some little sound problems, I guess) with his right fist and sang “Shut your”. Shortly after that he looked on his ring (the one with a green stone) and checked if it’s broken. But it seemed that nothing serious happened. The light went darker and “Horse Head Fiddle” with some lines from “Swedish Purse” created an unique atmosphere again. This time Pascal was knocking with his bottleneck on the body of his bass guitar. A conversation between the musicians followed: Pascal said something to David and then to Ordy. After that “Not one Stone”  introduced by Ordy with “Three, Four” was played. And “Winter Shaker” finished the regular set in an intense and heavy way. “Thank you very much, God bless you all” David said before they left the stage for the encore break which was again supplied with Indian chants. After returning “We wanna say thank you very much for coming to see us playing tonight and thanks to Birch Book – they were fantastic. I like to thank my Mum. It’s Thanksgiving Day, you know?”, David told us. Some vocal improvisations (“The destiny is manifest” ) lead into the Bob Dylan cover “As I went out one Morning”, which he played with Ordy again. A wild and heavy “American Wheeze” finished the show in an amazing way. After some good bye waves something happened, that I have never seen before: One idiot threw a shoe (!) on the stage and almost hit David! I do think that David didn’t recognised it first really, because he turned the back to us. Then he saw the shoe and threw it softly back into the first row of the audience.


Well, I was really disappointed about this rude and disrespectful people who were “attending” the show. I still can’t understand why some visitors have to speak during a concert? And this mostly the whole time! Apart from that, the concert was really excellent as you can see it on some videos. The setlist was short (no “Dirty Blue”, “Deerskin Doll” and “Your Russia”) but really fine. Anyway - I was really ashamed for my countrymen – so I have to attend another show of this tour. And so I bought my ticket for Bern (Switzerland), the 7th December 2008.