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Tour dates added. Slim Cessna´s Auto Club- Europe Tour is starting soon!

Tour dates added. Review of Ten Stones and a long interview added, translated from French Noisemag- magazin just for wovenhand.info by Magali, thanks a lot!

European tour dates added!

Sorry, at the moment it´s difficult to find enough time to update this page very often. I will focus on tour dates (start page). There are new videos on youtube, I will embedd them later. And Magali has sent me a great interview. So please be patient with me and visit us later !

Tour dates added (US and B- Brussels)

After touring through Colorado, Slim Cessna will come with his band from Denver to Europe! Reason enough to present them here: Slim Cessna´s Auto Club

first pictures of the current US- Tour: Spokane, Washington, 15.01.2009

2009 tour dates added (start page)
Here you can watch and download the brilliant "Tiny Desktop Concert", recorded in October 2008.
I didn´t receive any pictures or videos of the current tour but on Flickr there are some fotos

The next Europe Tour Period will probably be in May 2009

Five reviews by Alex of the shows in Kortrijk, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna and Bern
More than 20 videos added from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Enschede, Berlin, Madrid and Bilbao
And here´s the complete overview of all shows in 2008

pictures and setlists added : Utrecht, Geislingen, Bern
Later I will add a lot of videos

I received a lot of mails from people who weren´t allowed to take any pictures. That´s sad. But some of you were able to take pictures and videos. So here are five new pages full of pictures and videos: Dresden, Berlin, Utrecht, Leuven, Geislingen. Geislingen contains another big surprise. 

more pictures of Vienna and Salzburg added. Other pages will follow soon, thanks for sending the pics and links!

Here´s a page about Woven Hand´s show in Vienna! Another update will follow soon.

a new page added with videos, pictures and setlist of Woven Hand´s Show in  Kortrijk/ Belgium. Another update will follow as soon as I find time -maybe tonight 

pictures of Salzburg added and 38 high quality pics of Nijmegen

pictures of Dusseldorf, Paris and St. Malo (2007) added. Our friend Alex is still on tour, so more to come :-)

interview and videos from the US - Tour/ Philadelphia. Pictures of Enschede added.

pictures, setlists and videos added of Cologne, Bielefeld, Dusseldorf and Enschede. More to come...

page about yesterdays show in Bielefeld added

in Spring 2009 they will tour through Scandinavia, more to come
See you tonight in Bielefeld!

pictures, setlist, videos, including "Splinters" played for the first time by Woven Hand. Follow the links: Cologne and Nijmegen

Woven Hand 2009 US- Tour Dates added, more to come!

pictures from Minneapolis and lots of high quality videos of the Pittsburgh show, thanks for sharing!

This afternoon (10/17/08), Wovenhand will be performing at "Tiny Desk Concerts", a fantastic program hosted by NPR's
All Songs Considered. The show has a very simple premise: a mini-concert played at NPR's Bob Boilen's desk.  Very cool.

Today's Wovenhand Tiny Desk Concert will be video-streamed live right here between 1:30 and 2:00PM EST.  Tune in and enjoy!

If you can't make it to a computer around that time, rest assured, the concert will be archived here in a week or so.  Follow the above link to see past shows.  There are some incredible performances by some wonderful artists.

Now, it's not too late to see Wovenhand without the aid of a computer monitor!  The Wovenhand U.S. Fall tour has been a terrfic success thus far, and the band has consistently left audiences astounded in their wake.  Take a gander at the rest of the dates, be good to yourself, and buy a ticket.

translated from French: read the latest x-road- article: Not only one stone
thanks Magali

videos added: Louisville (2 videos), Eindhoven (4 new videos), Asheville (2 videos)

listen to another interview by 3voor12.vpro.nl

new pictures from Tronsberg (N), thanks Thomas

some changes of the site map and design. Hope there are no dead links. Otherwise, please contact me, thank you

Great pictures, a short video and a review (only in german, unfortunately) of Woven Hand Duo performing together with Muzsikás & Zapp String Quartet

lyrics of Woven Hand Ten Stones

back from holiday. Ten Stones is out. Tour dates added.

tour dates added.

two more dates added

Lots of tour dates added!!!
A review and new pictures of the second day of the Dranouter- Festival has been added

another tour date: november 18th, D- Darmstadt. Thanks Stephan

Third update today: more Dranouter- pictures added. And I´ve seen some old 16 Horsepower- videos have been re- uploaded on youtube!

Pictures and an interview (video) from Dranouter added.

Tour dates added (D- Bielefeld and I- Padova). A review of the show in Hamburg written in German language is available here

seven videos added, another date in Eindhoven in October and the setlists of the two days at Dranouter Folk Festival

pictures from Den Haag.

two TOURS plenty of single dates added- they are no better reasons to make an update!!

two videos added (Leipzig and Munich)

pictures from Leipzig added

Zürich- pictures are online, thanks Hanspeter!

thanks Alex for the review of the show in Munich. It can be found at the bottom of the page. Yes, I try to put everything in one page - pictures, videos, setlists and review. Hope you like it.

Munich- page is ready now! Zürich will follow soon

pictures from Dour Festival added

First date of the autumn tour added, thanks Sven. Pictures from Dour and Munich will be added as soon as possible

two videos from Leipzig.

more pictures from Hamburg added.
The original photo of the Indian sticked on Ordys drum can be found here: http://www.edwardcurtis.com/StateS/walpi.html   (thanks Sven)

and another update today:
I´ve received pictures and a video from Umea (few weeks old) and Tromso

pictures from Hamburg. It was an outstanding show, they played hard and aggressiv and they brought some songs from Ten Stones (my favorite is Kingdom of Ice). Here´s the link to the pictures of Woven Hand in Hamburg     more pics are welcome of course

Woven Hands song "consecration" will not appear on Ten Stones but on a documentary called Awake my Soul. The Story of the Sacred Harp

Since a few days you can find the artwork of Ten Stones on the landing page. The streamed song is "Kicking Bird".  From September 9th on you´ll find it on the new record.
Watch pictures from the Love and Peace festival (Borlange) here, thanks Adam!

Just a few weeks until they come over. The best of it: they´ll come back in November/ December to do another Europe Tour! Inbetween TEN STONES will appear. It will be distributed by their new label Secretly Canadian (instead of glitterhouse).

pictures from the last show in Eindhoven added, thanks Jaap and Christel

Dear good people, for a couple of reasons I haven´t done a lot of updates for the last a few weeks.  
We didn´t get a lot of stuff from the US tour. Nearly nothing, except from Christy´s review. Christy told us today that there will be a change of Woven Hand´s US- booking agent.
With the help of a friend wovenhand.info is now into googles top 10 results in almost all countries. So we are easier to find for new and old fans.
Today Peter and David are playing in Eindhoven. How I wished I could be there! I hope many of you can see them tonight.  I bet the dutch people will give me a reason to update this page very soon. Thanks in advance!

a review from Athens (US) gives me the creeps

the first two videos of the US tour have been uploaded on youtube)
You can watch them here

new Europe Tour dates added!

new  US- tour dates added (Kansas City and Raleigh).
Release date of Ten Stones added

new Europe tour dates added (home). US- Flyers added

new page about "Ten Stones" to collect all information
Listen to the new 16 HP- Album here  

tracklist and cover of the new 16 Horsepower- Album here

bad news: the video- hoster Stage6 has been closed a few days ago. You can still watch and download (by right-click) the videos but I don´t know how long. So I guess some of the best videos of this page like Oslo and Rockpalast will be deleted soon.

good news: a new radio project made by a melomaniac and admirer of DEE. Read more

more pictures from Malmo 2007

news videos added: The full Oslo show and two versions of Straw Foot (Cornerstone 2005 and Rockpalast 2005)

a new phone interview added. Thanks Christel for finding it and get the permission to spread it!

new pictures from Brest

a very early Woven Hand- video added, watch it here

video of the Woven Hand show at  Rockpalast 2005. thanks, deadman
DeVotchKa is on tour through US and Europe. Check here

two Woven Hand videos from shows in Hamburg (D) and Paredes de Coura (P)

lots of new 16 Horsepower- videos to get in the right mood for the new live album !
Amongst others, videos from Pinkpop 2000 and from the Loreley- Festival 1997 (very rare).
check the lower part of the video section

Woven Hand Europe Tour
"Woven Hand will be available for festivals and selected club gigs between July 16 and August 3, 2008.
As always, there may be a small chance to extend this tour one week before or after the period mentioned, if interesting offers came in.
Also, please note that Woven Hand are committed to do one offs outside this tour period, may it be solo, duo or in their standard line up.
And finally, band is planning to do a longer tour in the fall of 2008. " (www.bseliger.de)

the 16 Horsepower live album will be available on March 28th  on Glitterhouse

it´s a 90 minute- recording from a March 2001 show (Paris ? Brussels ? Rotterdam ?)

news about a new 16 HP- live album recorded in 2000 on Glitterhouse!

"16 HORSEPOWER – Live (tba) 
Ein Live-Album entstanden während der 2000er-Tour zu Secret South.
Als neuer Glitterhouse-Act fuhren sie damals richtig auf
 und kamen als Quintett über den Ozean. Die Bandmitglieder selbst sagen:
 >So gut waren wir nie wieder!< Wie immer: Unverzichtbar."

"A new live- album originated during the Secret South tour in 2000.
As a new Glitterhouse act they gave everything those days back and they
came as a quintet across the ocean. The band members themselves are saying:
>We´ve never reached this quality again!< Like always: absolutely essential"

new pictures from Oslo, Øyafestivalen 2007

a real treasure: a complete short 16 Horsepower show from youtube

three reviews added: Paris, Rouen and Amiens, thanks Alex!

another video from Amiens: video2007-6.html
Two reviews will follow soon (Paris, Rouen)

pictures from Paris, Rouen and Amiens added (picture index)

9 videos added  (Paris, Amiens, Pukkelpop, Barcelona)

first video of the current tour added

setlist from Brussels added (picture section)

another page of pictures from Utrecht added. They are unbelievable, take a look !
video from Ostrava 2006

video added (Salzburg 2006, good quality)

new sections: this update history and a section for reviews, interviews and articles of magazines.
Two Articles from Crossroads(2005 and 2007)  and an interview from musique- cronique.

some embarrassing bugs just visible with Microsoft Explorer have been discovered and fixed

another interview to download (Glockensee 2006)
new link section, new pics (St. Malo, Seattle 2007)) and a video (Madrid 2007)

finally moved to www.wovenhand.info

TYFC anounced their decision not to continue their work

first version of this page with the idea just to keep the tourtrails until TYFC would restart. 

http://www.wovenhand.info/picsindex.html  http://www.wovenhand.info/videoindex.html   http://www.wovenhand.info/download.html  Woven Hand Articles Reviews